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Grant and Seth

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Provide the best service available in Vermont to our tenants and property owners.

Grant Lawrence » Co-Owner, Property Manager
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Grant is a sixth generation Vermonter and you'd know it instantly based off of his skills and interests. With over ten years of experience in the building trade, and four years of experience in property management and real estate investing, he brings a diverse sets of skills to the table. Not only can he efficiently track a property's financials, but he is also able to oversee maintenance and repairs from a truly knowledgeable stand point. Additionally, Grant has unrivaled expertise on real estate investing and will gladly chat with anyone about topics such as the 1% rule or tenant relations. In his free time, he can often be found hanging out in extremely tall trees, fly fishing, or renovating his personal rental units.
(844) 732-7665 Ext. 2 grant@fiveseasonsmanagement.com
Seth Golding » Co-Owner, Property Manager
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Seth is a second generation Vermonter. While he may not have as many generations as Grant, but Seth is still a true Vermonter at heart. He personally owns nine rental units, and he has a passion for providing top quality management to both his clients and tenants. Seth has over 9 years of experience as a property manager, real estate agent, and real estate investor. With many years of experience in management and the trades, Seth knows what it takes to properly maintain a property, while yielding a high cash flow. In his free time he enjoys back country skiing, wood working, and spending time his wife and two sons.
(844) 732-7665 Ext. 1 seth@fiveseasonsmanagement.com
Andy Amour » Maintenance Technician
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Andy has over 20 years of experience working on rental properties, excelling at painting and kitchen and bathroom remodels. He has helped Five Seasons grow smoothly as our needs for maintenance increases. Not only is Andy's work high quality, it is also affordable. His great mood is infectious, and he is guaranteed to crack a few jokes to get a smile out of everybody. Andy is also a great golfer and dancer.
Farid Quraishi » Leasing Operations
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Aspiring to become an honorary Vermonter, Farid joined the Five Seasons Property Management team in 2018 and is responsible for our leasing operations. He brings a broad array of skills and management experience as well as a reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and superior negotiating skills to the company. Farid has lived in Burlington for several years and can offer our clients invaluable insights into the different neighborhoods and amenities this area has to offer. He excels at matching our diverse portfolio of housing to our clients' needs and is committed to excellent customer service. He is happiest spending time outdoors enjoying all of Vermont's seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter, and mud - exploring on two wheels or two legs.
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