Requesting Maintenance

Important maintenance information is located on our refrigerator magnet located on your fridge. If you are missing one please let us know so that we can send you a new one. 

Save this phone # in your phone

Five Seasons strives to provide excellent service to our tenants when maintenance issues arise. However, we are not a hotel with room service and we do expect some things from our tenants. Please read the following for your tenant responsibilities:

Tenant maintenance responsibilities and expectations are outlined below

Smoke Detectors

Your apartment is equipped with several smoke/co detectors that are hardwired together. When one is set off they all will go off. To silence a false alarm hold down the reset button on one of the detectors for about 5 seconds.

Even though the detectors are hardwired they each have a backup battery. If a smoke detector is beeping once per minute this indicates a bad battery. It is the tenants responsibility to replace bad batteries. Our smoke detectors will require either one 9 volt battery or two AA batteries. 

If a smoke detector is beeping twice per minute this indicates a faulty detector. Please submit a maintenance request and we will replace the unit. 

The detectors will talk to you. If Carbon Monoxide is detected, a voice will say “carbon monoxide detected”. If this happens, open the windows and call 911, then call 802-350-2911

Removing a smoke/co detector is a serious hazard and a violation of your lease. 

Clogged toilets and drains

For the following drain problems, it is your responsibility to attempt the following before requesting maintenance. We will unfortunately have to charge tenants for the maintenance call if these steps are forgone. So save yourself some $$ and watch the following videos:

We do not provide plungers for sanitary reasons, but it is every tenant's responsibility to equip their bathroom with a plunger. Please watch this You tube video for some helpful plunging tips:

If your bathroom sink or shower drain is clogged or slow, the leading cause of this is a buildup of hair. It is every tenants responsibility to own a hair removal tool which can be purchased for a few dollars and are very easy and effective to use:

If your kitchen sink becomes clogged it is most likely due to food stuck in the drain. Use a plunger to break the clog free. If you have a double basin sink (2 drains) you will need to hold a drain stopper or dish towel in the one drain opening, while plunging the other drain. Attempt plunging both drains. 

Winter Heating

Heat must be left on at ALL TIMES during the winter months. Pipes can freeze and burst if apartment is not adequately heated. During cold spells with negative temperatures, leave heat at at at least 65 degrees. 

Snow Removal

Five Seasons provides basic plowing for most of our driveway. Basic plowing does not include walkway shoveling. We provide shovels and salt for tenants, and ask that everyone pitch in to help clear the own walkways or private outdoor areas. 

Lock Outs

If you become locked out of your apartment or house here is what can be done in the follow order:

  1. Call a roommate, or stay at a friends if it is after hours.
  2. Submit a maintenance request
  3. If you are locked out and are in an unsafe situation call 802-350-2911