"I have been a landlord in BTV for 20 years. Putting Five Seasons in charge of running the show has made a world of difference to me. This year (2018), with 30 some turnovers on June 1st, I have had the easiest, most stress free experience ever. Usually on turnover week, I barely see my family, let alone have time to exercise. Five Seasons has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It feels good!
--Doug B

“Seth and Grant have an amazingly high level of technical savvyness and efficiency. They are reachable when you need them and they have outstanding marketing to prospective tenants to fill your units quickly.”
-Peter G

“ If you work with 5 Seasons, you are working with the best. They treat every costumer with respect and individual care. Property management requires organization, technical skill, and communication. These guys are experts at all three. Won't hesitate to work with them in the future."
- Owner

Some kind comments from tenants on the Burlington Area Rentals Facebook page:

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