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How to Prepare for June 1

System - Monday, May 13, 2019

June 1 is just around the corner. Follow these steps to ensure that you are prepared to move into your apartment.

  1. Contact Utility Companies: Refer to your lease agreement to determine what utilities you are responsible for during your tenancy. Locate the contacts at the bottom of your lease agreement, and contact the utility companies that you will be paying every month. 
  2. Purchase Wi-Fi: We do not provide or sell Wi-Fi or cable at any of our properties. Please contact Burlington Telecom or Comcast to purchase Wi-Fi and cable. In the past, we have had tenants share routers with other tenants in the building.
  3. Schedule a Move In Appointment: Determine when each person in your group is planning on moving in. Have one person who is planning on moving in on June 1 send an email to the contact listed on the top of your lease agreement to schedule a move-in appointment. They will be your group’s point-person. It is okay if no one wants to move in on June 1; just let us know, so we can arrange a time for a different date. Whoever is planning on moving in first should be the one to contact us.
  4. Get Renters Insurance
  5. Pay Your Rent, Parking, and Inspection Fees: All tenants are required to pay their rent by the first of every month and prior to moving in on June 1. We will not give you  the keys to your home or apartment until we have received first month’s rent payment. Even if you do not plan on moving into your unit on June 1, you are required to start paying monthly rent on or by that date. Check your lease agreement and addendums to determine if you are responsible for paying for parking and inspection fees. This varies by building. How to pay for rent, parking, and inspection fees is detailed in your lease agreement. If you are at a building where rent gets paid by mail, make sure rent and parking gets paid in full on one check every month. We only accept one check per unit. 
  6. Check Your Email and Follow Five Seasons Property Management on Facebook: In order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, check your email regularly. Along with email, we occasionally post announcements on our Facebook page.